My name is Louis-César Leroux and I am a french digital artist from Nantes. I work with Adobe, eBay, Collective Arts brewing, Inkbox, Pictoplasma or Zedge and I also some propose NFT on SuperRare and KnownOrigin

Poap design
Poap design inspired by Pierre Soulages realised for the Christmas Giveaway organised by KnownOrigin.
Sticker design for the OG Drops event in Manchester organised by eBay and KnownOrigin
Urban exhibition in Brussels with Artcrush gallery
PUNKISM Exhibition
Animated gif realised for the exhibition PUNKISM : Declaration of New Art Trends at IHAM.
The Burnt Auction
First cryptoart auction in France organised by Fauve Paris
Galerie Schwab Beaubourg
Exhibition with the collective 1789NFT
Collection of 4 illustrations printed on polaroids edited by Instant film
Lemon guy
Character flag designed for Pictoplasma fest 2021
Sticker Swaps
Selection of stickers published and distributed by Sticker Swaps
Street artists
Can beer label design for Collective Arts Brewing
Life in the clouds
Beer can and enamel pin designs Collective Arts Brewing
Pocket Panda
Limited edition art print published by L’Illustre Boutique
L’Illustre boutique
T-shirt designs made for the Klothart online store
Illustration for the cover of the 4th issue of Shooter Literary Magazine 
A limited edition poster printed by Ideotopie
Monogaph published by Melville Brand Design for their 100 for 10 project
Freaks Pulsion
Graphzine and the exposition « Freaks Pulsion » curated by Les Éditions Terriennes
The Aquatic Life
Illustration published in Errratum #9
Dans ta face
Collective graphzine and exposition published and curated by Les Éditions Terriennes
Short graphic novel published by Vide Cocagne in the collection Sous le Manteau
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